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Day 19 | Lone Palms and Lost Oranges

A bus ride with a polite conversation with a lady from Tokyo and an observation of high school skater later, we were walking on the beach in search of a place to pray. We found a spot under a lone palm after somewhere along the way I lost our bag of the remaining oranges, granola bars, and singular avocado, so our backpacks were just a little bit lighter. 

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Day 7 | Talk to Strangers Pt. 1

I was on the Metra right after I returned from the Dominican. My friend Abby was moving into a new apartment, so I was inbound to help her move. New to my Bible, the pages were still crisp, and some color had been added to the pages throughout the summer. I sat on the train, ready to write in my Moleskin and read Jesus Calling for that day. 

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Day 4 | Meet Fix-it Frankie

Fix-it Frankie and I hung out yesterday, and I realize that I may sound schizophrenic... You may have a "fix-it" alter-ego, too, perhaps. Instead of turning to God in prayer, I let my mind go wild with problem solving. To an extent  it is fun and one of my gifts, but when I rely on my own strength is when it becomes self-destructive and a not fun place to be. 

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